Is My Car Mechanic Cheating Me?

Every now and then your car would need to go to the mechanic for some repairs, maintenance and so on. Most car owners dread such visits for obvious reasons. It has become a well-known fact that a lot of car mechanics cheat and mislead car owners. They find several ways to overcharge and make some extra money off a simple routine check or minor repair issues. A car mechanic does this by taking advantage of a car owner’s ignorance and lack of expertise because if we are being honest how much do you know about your car? Since you have to depend so much on the knowledge and expertise of your car mechanic it becomes difficult to actually make informed choices. So, how do you know if your car mechanic is cheating you? Read on to see the top signs and methods you can use.

When a routine check becomes a much bigger problem

Probably you are one of those car owners who like to keep everything with their vehicle at an optimum level. So, you make visits to the car mechanic monthly or periodically, and every time you arrive, it turns out you were just in time because your fuses were just about burnt out or worse. Each time your routine check becomes prerequisite to some major problem, and you have to pay hundreds of dollars for the repair. This is a warning sign that your car mechanic is cheating you. The simple solution is to always get a second opinion from another shop before paying for or permitting any repairs.

He finds it difficult to explain the problem

This is almost a habit with every car mechanic who intends to cheat you. When you ask for a clear explanation of what’s wrong with your vehicle, they say gibberish or things like “you won’t understand”, “it’s complicated”, and so on. If the mechanic cannot give you a clear, straightforward explanation, then take your vehicle somewhere else.

They don’t show you the old parts

If you have to pay for a part to be repaired or replaced, then you have a right to see it. Would you buy a shirt you can’t see and put it on anyway? An honest car mechanic would have no problem with showing you the old extracted parts and the new one being used as a replacement. If he can’t show you the old parts then the chances are he probably didn’t change them at all and you just wasted some funds.

It’s always a now or never situation

When a cheating car mechanic notices that you are unsure about his opinion, he can try to scare you into believing him. You might be told the vehicle is a moving bomb just waiting to go off, or something equally frightening to force you into a quick decision. It’s important to consider if the mechanic is telling the truth, so to be safe, seek someone else’s honest opinion before allowing a repair that costs so much.